Dr. Zhao was born in the City of Jilin located in the northeast of China, which is well known for its magnificent natural phenomenon of rime ice in winter. He obtained his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Jilin University in 2005. He conducted Ph.D. thesis research in Bioanalytical Chemistry with Profs. James F. Rusling and John B. Schenkman at the Department of Chemistry of University of Connecticut. During his doctoral studies, Dr. Zhao contributed to designing high-throughput methods for the screening and structural elucidation of DNA-reactive chemicals using electrochemistry and liquid chromatography --- mass spectrometry. After his doctoral training, Dr. Zhao decided to learn more about the biological effect of chemically modified DNA. He was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Profs. F. Peter Guengerich and Martin Egli at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, whereby he obtained solid skills in protein biochemistry, enzymology, nucleic acid chemistry, and macromolecule X-ray crystallography. He elucidated the mutagenic mechanism of N2,3-ethenoguanine, a chemically modified DNA base derived from vinyl chloride exposure and oxidative stress, and concluded that N2,3-ethenoguanine is an important DNA modification for the vinyl chloride-induced human liver carcinoma.

          Dr. Zhao started his independent career first at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Central Michigan University in 2013 and then relocated to the University of California, Riverside in 2019. His research team focuses on understanding the chemical, kinetic, and molecular mechanisms of DNA-protein interactions, with an emphasis on DNA-replication and repair.


Linlin Zhao, Ph.D.

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Anshu Joshi (2018-2020), MS student;

daniel oppong (2017-2019), Ms student; phd student, wayne state univ

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maya tree (2017-2019), laboratory technician; central michigan univ

Riley boyd (2017-2018), visiting student/technician; Md student, northwestern univ

Faris samkari (2018-2019), BS student; MS student, kaust

madison tarnowski (summer 2017), summer visiting student, univ of michigan

Alan Huang (summer 2017), high school student; johns hopkins univ

OLiver Yockey (summer 2015 --- Summer 2017), BS student; md student, central michigan univ

Ashley Keating (Summer 2016 --- Spring 2017), BS student; MD student, Michigan state univ

Daniel kool (fall 2013 --- summer 2015), MS student; PhD student, Iowa State Univ

Tianzuo Xu (spring 2015 --- spring 2016), MS student; Phd student, brigham young univ

hannah reidenbach (spring 2016), BS student;

Tylor O’neill (summer 2015), BS student; wayne state univ

adam ouellette (summer 2014 --- summer 2015), BS student; MD student at Hofstra Univ

Nicholas morse (fall 2014 --- spring 2015), bs student; dmd student univ of detroit mercy

Christian Bonzheim (fall 2014 --- spring 2015), BS student; md student at auc

claire olson (fall 2013 --- summer 2015), bs student, ms program at CMu

Storm Shriver (2014 spring), bs student; senior scientist, Comprehensive lab services

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